Philip Compton

Instrumentation Director, Northwestern Proteomics
Research Associate Professor, Chemistry

Philip Compton earned his B.S. in Chemistry at the University of Illinois while working for Prof. Neil Kelleher on projects related to instrumentation and epigenetics. In 2006, he began a Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Donald Hunt at the University of Virginia. During his graduate career, he innovated the fragmentation technique known as Electron Transfer Dissociation by developing a new ion source and adapting the technique to utilize a new reagent. After graduating in 2009, Phil was hired as the Director of Instrumentation for the PCE and is responsible for the maintenance of the center and core's 11 mass spectrometers and oversees the development of new mass spectrometric instrumentation.

Selected Publications

  • Belov ME, Damoc E, Denisov E, Compton PD, Horning S, Makarov AA, Kelleher NL "From protein complexes to subunit backbone fragments: a multi-stage approach to native mass spectrometry." Anal Chem, 2013, 85(23) p. 11163-73.
    Summary | Full Text (DOI)

  • Earley L, Anderson LC, Bai DL, Mullen C, Syka JE, English AM, Dunyach JJ, Stafford GC Jr, Shabanowitz J, Hunt DF, Compton PD "Front-end electron transfer dissociation: a new ionization source." Anal Chem, 2013, 85(17) p. 8385-90.
    Summary | Full Text (PMC) | Full Text (DOI)

  • Compton PD, Kelleher NL "Spinning up mass spectrometry for whole protein complexes." Nat Methods, 2012, 9(11) p. 1065-6.
    Summary | Full Text (DOI)


  • Campus: Evanston
  • Office: 1123 Pancoe


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